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HUK is using patented Atomosperic pressure adhesive technology. So it can be reused unlimited number of times, can also wash by clear water. With a HUK,
you can be able to have all the function above. If you put a pole through two HUKs, it will become a hanger. Iā€™m sure our user will discover more increditable
usage posibilities when using our HUK.
uniQ pixel blocks is a new product that combines the ideas of pen and blocks. This product is base on the concept of pixel art, so the user can use the special designed pen to arrange the micro-pixel blocks to achieve the the fun of pixel painting.
uniQ Pixel Artist for iPhone
uniQ Pixel Artist is a easily painting software, that everyone can create pixel art by finger taps on iPhone or other mobile platform. Users can visualize their ideas simply by uniQ Pixel Artist create pixel art in mosaic style, video game's 8bit graphic style, or create texts like electronic billboard. Our well-chosen thirty six colors' set gives instinctive choice for pixel art beginners, and even advance users can create some dramatic pixel art by our color set. The size of canvas can be freely changed to satisfy users' demand. You can be an abstract Pop artist of color blocks, or ether a refined realist art style master.
uniQ Puxel
uniQ PUXEL is a pixel-like mosaic sticker that can paste on most plane surface repeatedly. PUXEL is made by special adhesive material which is washable, reusable and will not hurt the surface where you put it on. PUXEL is two-side printed, it can be decorated on both sides of glass. Beside as a decoration, PUXEL can be uses as photo frame, coaster or mobile device's shell protector...etc. We shall extend our imaginations with PUXEL to create more way of its function.

The distance between users and their devices will affect the screen size in your sight. iGet is the best choice to connect between users and their electronic tablet devices, with any gesture in most situation. Uses will be able to use their electronic tablet devices comfortably, but without waste strength to hold them by bare hands.

Sticky Case
Works Perfectly along with ipad 2 smart covers. Color matching, Seamless fitment, light weight and incredibly easy installation. The sticky case can be reused unlimited numbers of times without losing its stickiness. Works even better than the magnetic smart cover!