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iGet is a multi-functional holder that designed for electronic tablet devices. iGet can help user using a tablet device easily and comfortably without any burden in most situation.With iGet, it is easer to adjust the sight distance between user and tablet device.

The unique outline of iGet's Yin-Yang spherical body can be plug in lots of assist component, and its special designed clips can easily attach to most tablet device of differ sizes.


Any direction, any structure and any possibility. iGet's characteristic is capable to fit in most situation, even can be hang easily.
Every component of iGet can be changed freely to support user's demand, especially the flexible tubes can support the whole structure with many combinations. The skidproofed stand of lower tube provides excellent friction to allow iGet can stand on most environment. Beside the variety of functions, iGet also represent a personal live style of its user.
iGet can stand on your bed, and you won't need to worry it will fall when you try to move your body. With iGet's multi-tubes, it can stand on most bumpy-jumpy places by adjust tubes to crouch or to against for a comfortable viewing angle.  
iGet is the choice that when you need to do things with both hands, meanwhile you still need to watch your tablet device that shows tutorial information. Let iGet gives you a hand.  
Watching videos probably is one function that often being use by most tablet device users, but holding your device or place it on your knees is definitely not a good idea. With iGet, you can melt in your couch and watch shows on your device right on your face.  


Color Black / White
Heigh 80cm
Widt 15cm
Weight 1.3Kg
Affordable table 7"~11"吋
Affordable Weigh 1.5Kg
Box Size L 37.5 cm * W 23.5 cm * H 10 cm
Paten JP   實願2010-007295
TW  99214893
CN  201020285658.9