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uniQ Pixel Artist is a easily painting software, that everyone can create pixel art by finger taps on iPhone or other mobile platform. Users can visualize their ideas simply by uniQ Pixel Artist create pixel art in mosaic style, video game's 8bit graphic style, or create texts like electronic billboard. Our well-chosen thirty six colors' set gives instinctive choice for pixel art beginners, and even advance users can create some dramatic pixel art by our color set. The size of canvas can be freely changed to satisfy users' demand. You can be an abstract Pop artist of color blocks, or ether a refined realist art style master.
Photo Frame Coaster Sticker
You can use PUXEL to create any kind of photo frame, and sicker it on wall, desk, mirror, notebook or any plane surface you like. Based on PUXEL is waterproof and skidproof, thus you can use it as a coaster beside decoration. Also you can make so pixel art for fun before your meal served to the table. PUXEL looks even better when you decorate it on transparent glass, because PUXEL is two-side printed so you can see your pattern on both side. Also you can mix PUXEL into a mosaic style tiled wall to make it much adorable.