Event Introduction

Who is the uniQ Pixel Artist Master!?
uniQ Pixel Artist is a pixel style drawing software on iPhone that allow users to paint in any size mosaic style with simply finger taps. Through iPhone’s awesome multi-touch screen and user-interface, the user can draw creatively with uniQ Pixel Artist anytime at anywhere. From now on, become a uniQ Pixel Artist Master, you just need to create your own drawing by uniQ Pixel Artist on iPhone and tap the “upload” button. Then, you are in!

This event will be open to everyone to elect our winner.

How to join?

Every iPhone has install uniQ Pixel Artist can upload a painting directly to our official website.
Each iPhone can only upload one painting.

Who can join?

This event welcomes everyone who install uniQ Pixel Artist through AppStore.
Every prize will deliver to our winners on world wide.

Portfolio Specifications

Every painting created through uniQ Pixel Artist software are capable.
Please be sure your information are correct, so you will not be missed when we contact to our winners.

Event Schedule

End up to 30th July 2010.


Lot : Once a painting upload successful into elect page, every user has chance to win an iPad (1 piece), a set of iGet (1 set) or a box of uniQ sticker (10 boxes).

Vote Elect :
1st Prize - an iPad
2nd Prize - a set of iGet
3rd Prize - a set of uniQ sticker
Directer’s Choice - a box of uniQ sticker (5 boxes).

Copyright and Licence information

All images’ copyrights and law responsibilities are full response by images’ Authors. TECHGIANT Art Technology Co., Ltd. has full right to free use the all images, that been uploaded to our website.


  1. All details to this event can be changed by TECHGIANT Art Technology Co., Ltd., and will be announced on our official website.
  2. Due to the incorrect information given by the person who win the prize, cause the sponsor unable to deliver his/her prize. This situation will be deemed to give up the rights to obtain the prize.
  3. TECHGIANT Art Technology Co., Ltd. has right to change the deadline of the event due to force majeure. The new information will be announced on official website, rather than notify each member and user. (All personal information we received will be protected by law, and only been use by TECHGIANT Art Technology Co., Ltd. related activities.)
  4. This event agreement is show on the official website. Every person uploaded their portfolios will be deemed to full agree with the event agreement. To violate the agreement will cancel the qualification of winner, and reserve the power to prosecute.
  5. Any improper image will lead to contest qualify cancellation.
  6. The event winners are not allow to transfer their prizes to cash or other person. (Any physical or digital behavior and activities, that against the event equity will affect the result of event, will lead to contest qualify cancellation.)
  7. If the winners have any copyright or privacy offenses. When offenses been proved, sponsor will cancel the winners’ qualifications. And the prizes that already been delivered will return to the sponsor.
  8. All contestants are full agree with that the sponsor can use, reproduce or edit contestants’ portfolios, and free uses these images on any media. Sponsor has right to keep the winners’ portfolio as data.
  9. By the Tex Law of Taiwan R.O.C., the prize value amount NT$1,000 to NT$20,000 will need certificate of personal comprehensive income tax. Thus, all winners will be needed to provide their copy of identification. Other countries’ winners will apply to their custom with actual value.