TopProducts 》 uniQ Pixel Artist
  To review or add a new pixel-
  In this mode, you can edit, delete or add to Photos.

Tap a square to change its colour.

Tap and slide to change colour that all squares you slide over.


Tap and hold to activate the 6 hues colour chart.

Tap a colour on hues chart and hold, will activate the 6 tones colour chart.

  Two fingers to move.
  While painting, tap at upper-right corner to access tool-bar. You can choose back to Gallery or other features.
  Pinch to zoom in and zoom out.
  Or you can just move your iPhone
backward and forward to review
your painting.
  uniQ Pixel Artist
★uniQ Pixel Artist is a simple, easy and instinctively 8bit style mosaic pixel painting tool. uniQ Pixel Artist makes art creating become readily available.

★Sometimes, people might feel lost when they facing a lot of painting tools. Thousands of colours to choose, dozens of tools like brush layer... etc. waiting for you to figure out how to use them. If you are not an expert, these powerful tools can be quite awkward.

★uniQ Pixel Artist allows everyone to creat a painting simply by finger tap, free and easy.

★Paint in mosaic style, brings you back to 8bit TV game style. To express ideas in your mind with  billboard-like texts.

★The 36 colours we have well-chosen, providing beginners a instinctive choice of colour. An expert will be able to creat a dramatic painting by these colours as well.

★The painting area can be all size you needed for a tiny pattern or a huge landscape. You can be a POP artist, an abstractionist, also a detailed painting realist.